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Flower Essence Services (FES) Animal Rescue Formula

Flower Essence Services (FES) Animal Rescue Formula

Do you have a stressed out cat or dog? Soothe their nerves naturally with Flower Essence Services Animal Rescue Formula. FES Animal Rescue Formula was created to help with the healing of current and post-traumatic stress of animals living in rescue and shelter facilities, in foster homes, and for those who have been adopted into loving, permanent homes but are still exhibiting signs of trauma from their past. Simply place four drops into your pet's mouth or water bowl up to four times daily for instant relief of stress and anxiety. A great gift for pet lovers!

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Green 411
  Made with certified organic ingredients
  Developed by a Flower Essence Practitioner and Animal Communicator
  Safe for use on cats and dogs
A recent study has shown that dogs and cats bodies are contaminated with higher levels of hazardous chemicals than their human owners. Pets are exposed to toxic chemicals in their environment on a daily basis through pesticide-laden lawns and hazardous indoor air contaminants. Since their bodies age at an accelerated rate the chemicals burden their bodies sooner than they do humans. Scientists are seeing rates of cancer in dogs skyrocket as well as hyperthyroidism in cats, leading them to the conclusion that hazardous chemical exposure is to blame. How can you green your pet? Choose food, flea medications and grooming products for your animals that contain safe and natural ingredients rather than a combination of hazardous chemicals. Eliminate toxic household cleaners and air fresheners in the home to ensure that your indoor air quality is safe for both your pets and family. Green 4 Your Soul has chosen fabulous green pet product lines to care for your animals’ needs in a safe and natural way. Flower Essence Services Animal Rescue Formula is safe, effective and every bit as pure as the green products we carry for humans!
Water, Brandy#, Infusions (1:6000) of flowers of Arnica*, Bleeding Heart*, Echinacea*, Firewood*, Five-Flower Formula*, Holly*, Mariposa Lily*, Oregon Grape*, Poison Oak*, Red Clover*, Sweet Pea* and Wild Rose* (#Organic and Biodynamic *wild-harvested)
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Flower Essence Services (FES) Animal Rescue Formula
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