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100% Pure Organic Eucalyptus Sea Therapy Bath Salts

100% Pure Organic Eucalyptus Sea Therapy Bath Salts

100% Pure Organic Eucalyptus Sea Therapy Bath Salts aren’t your ordinary sea salts. They’re made with crystallized kelp harvested from an organic seaweed farm in the Brittany coast of France. This highly detoxifying bath salt contains all the therapeutic elements from the sea, over 60 different minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids that replenish, nourish, detox and heal your body. Organic peppermint essential oil refreshes and stimulates circulation. Organic eucalyptus essential oil strengthens immunity, clears up sinuses and eases congestion. 100% Pure Organic Eucalyptus Sea Salts are wonderful to use while you’re fighting off a cold or anytime you desire to cleanse and detox. The soothing essential oils will leave your skin nourished and silky soft too!

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Green 411
  Vegan & Cruelty-Free
  American Company
  Paraben, Free, Sulfate Free, Toxic Free, Gluten Free
  Packing made from 100% Post Consumer Recycled Glass, Completely Recyclable
  Truly 100% Pure: No Alcohol, No Synthetic Chemicals, No Stripping Ingredients. No SLS, No Artificial Fragrances, No Petro-Chemicals, No Chemical Preservatives, or any other toxins
Do your bath salts contain over 60 different vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids? We didn’t think so. Most bath salts contain a combination of salt mixed with overpowering synthetic fragrances. This completely negates the health benefits of a salt soak. 100% Pure Organic Eucalyptus Sea Salt Soak is made from only the finest crystallized organic sea kelp from France. The soothing scent is provided naturally by Organic Essential Oils for a refreshing, detoxifying and moisturizing bath. Breathe in the soothing vapors of Organic Peppermint and Eucalyptus Oil and detox, de-stress and decongest. You’ll feel like a new person, we promise!
Unrefined French Sea Salt (Crystallized Kelp), Organic Peppermint Essential Oil1, Organic Eucalyptus Essential Oil1, Vitamin C (calcium ascorbate), Vitamin E (a-tocopherol), Extracts of Organic Ginger1 and Organic Rosemary1
(1 Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth Certified Organic)
from Hollywod
Skin tone: Fair
Skin type: Sensitive
Age: 35 - 44
At Home Spa - 05/18/2009
These salts are incredible! It is seriously like having a spa in your home. The eucalyptus makes your skin amazingly soft, and as you soak you get a complete Aromatherapy treatment. You feel clean inside and out. This is a must try.
from Los Angeles
Skin tone: Fair
Skin type: Normal
Age: 25 - 34
Makes my skin soft - 05/15/2009
These bath salts are so great. They have a wonderful eucalyptus smell and it makes the water super soft for your skin. I don't even need lotion when I get out of the bath. It also helps out when you are sick because the eucalyptus helps you breathe easier.
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100% Pure Organic Eucalyptus Sea Therapy Bath Salts
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