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"Green 4 Your Soul focuses on representing spa-quality products that are truly as good for the environment as they are for your body and soul. From cosmetics to skin care products to hair care products and even specialty products for children, babies and pets, the list of products that Green 4 Your Soul produces and stands behind is quite impressive."

"I've always wanted green alternatives to my beauty products but didn't know where to go. Green4YourSoul.com takes out all of the guesswork. The Web site has loads of bath and body, facial care and cosmetics, but my favorite features are the in-depth descriptions that accompany each product."

"Green 4 Your Soul focuses on representing spa-quality products that are truly as good for the environment as they are for your body and soul. From cosmetics to skin care products to hair care products and even specialty products for children, babies and pets, the list of products that Green 4 Your Soul produces and stands behind is quite impressive."

"If you're more hipster than you are hippie, and you like cosmetics without all the chemical cocktail, there's an OC green resource you might want to checkout.
Green4YourSoul.com has gathered some great fab finds that you'll find more in high-fashion mag pages than on the shelves of Mother's Market."

"We went nuts over Nuts Cream Perfume Solids. Made from 80% beeswax and almond oil, this wonderful product glides on beautifully and lasts all day - even in the middle of summer. Six luscious scents make up the collection. We really like the Mango and are considering making it our signature "what's left of summer" scent."

"Organic is taking over our faces, and now it's taking over our scents as well. Nuts Cream Perfume is the newest, coolest way to bring a little bit of fragrance to your skin."

"Canine Earth Lay Down Lavender Vanilla Conditioning Coat Cleanser is the best dog shampoo we've tried. I have two clean dogs with soft, shiny coats. They smell great and there hasn't been any scratching!"

"www.green4yoursoul.com is one company that is providing premium products with a strong sustainability aesthetic. What I love about Christin, from green4yoursoul is that she is totally committed to providing her customers glamour."

"I have found a super cool website that I'm really excited to share with you. It's called Green 4 Your Soul (www.green4yoursoul.com) and the owner, Christin, sells only cruelty-free (they are a PETA Caring Consumer member), natural and organic beauty products! On top of that, she promises not to carry any products that contain harmful ingredients or simply don't work! Christin and her staff do their research and test every product that they sell. They cherry pick only the good stuff."

"I love the idea of an oil that can be used everyday without being too heavy or greasy. Shea Terra has chosen this unique blend of oils that doesn't have an overbearing scent, but one that made me want to use it more! The best choice for use during pregnancy because only natural ingredients are used and this product does not contain parabens, artificial colors or fragrances. I had the chance to use this for over a week and found myself reaching for it after my shower where I could conveniently access all of my "trouble" areas where "stretching" has occurred after three kids! I also used it before drying off all over and loved how it left my skin feeling."

"There are so many of us out there that want to do good things for our skin and buy the "right" products but just don't know where to go. And then we have Green 4 Your Soul. This small business carries the safest and highest quality natural & organic products. They are so picky about the products that they represent that many companies that would like to be in their shop just don't make it. It's really one-stop green shopping & I know you will be as impressed as I am."

"I was recently able to try out Canine Earth Lay Down Lavender Vanilla Dog Shampoo from Green 4 Your Soul and it's an awesome product. First of all, it smells heavenly! Canine Earth's patent pending formulation uses USDA Certified Organic Sucrose Cocoate to create a gentle cleansing foam."

"I love websites that are easy to navigate, especially since I haven't slept in almost 7 weeks! Their website is extremely user-friendly. The products are easy to find and and all your questions are answered. For every item, you can find the features, green 411, ingredients and reviews at the bottom of the page."

"Green 4 Your Soul is a cute online store that was created to take the guess work out of going green. The staff researches and tests all the products they carry. They are committed to proving the safest and highest quality organic and natural products."

"Green 4 Your Soul has dedicated themselves to helping you take the guesswork out of greening your skin care, and cosmetic routine. Even candles and pet care items! Going green shouldn't be an exhaustive and frustrating journey. With the current atmosphere of dishonesty in the natural health and beauty industry it's a sad fact that going green takes a lot of time, effort and money. Save your hard earned money and don't be duped by dishonest companies false claims. Let Green4YourSoul do the groundwork for you."

"While we are on the topic of dry winter skin, I wanted to let you all know about the Green 4 Your Soul's Shea Terra Miombo Mango Body Scrub. This stuff is da bomb! It feels so good and actually just melts on your skin! My skin is so soft when I get out of the shower. I like salt scrubs, but most of them are so rough. Not the Shea Terra Miombo Mango Body Scrub!!!"

"Forget about a white Christmas, go GREEN with high quality, all natural and organic products from Green4YourSoul. This spa quality shop has an array of products that sound absolutely scrumptious, especially with names like Mint Chocolate Chip Ice cream and Bourbon Vanilla!"
"Check out Green 4 Your Soul website for your holiday shopping. They have products for men, women, kids, and pets! Many of the products are organic and vegan! They also have natural care products for the cold and flu season! All products carried by Green 4 Your Soul are cruelty-free and also free of harmful chemicals such as parabens, SLS and phthalates."

"Green 4 Your Soul carries this detangler, shampoo, cosmetics, pet care, and many other products. I tried a small sample of their Noli n Nali baby butter -wow- the smell was heavenly! I think I may need some more of that."

"What I really like about this site is all the information they list for each product. Each item page contains several tabs: features, Green 411 and Ingredients. First of all, I cannot stress enough how helpful it is to have all the ingredients listed here for you. It makes it very easy to compare items and pick the one that you think is best for you."

"Green 4 Your Soul sent me Noli n Nali's Ella Bella Bubble Bath & Body Wash to try out on my kids... SOLD! I decided it was safe to add to the children's bath that night and boy, did they enjoy all those sweet, vanilla orange, scented bubbles! Ella was particularly excited to find out that the bottle was "made just for her" since it had her name on it. The bubbles lasted a long time and the kid's skin felt soft and moisturized when we dried off before putting on jammies for the night and I was happy knowing I had just used a safe, organic product on my kids."

"You can read and write reviews on the site which is such a great feature for me as I love reading reviews when buying products. Last Friday I wrote a review for a lotion of theirs I am crazy about, the Shea Terra Moroccan Mint Vanilla (LOOOOVVVVEEE the scent!)...
The Noli n Nali Willow Baby Shampoo and Ella Bella Body Wash are fabulous - I like that the scent is very subtle and clean (in more ways than one!) And since I am convinced that little birds fly into my 3 year old's room at night and build a nest in the back of her hair, the Willow Detangler is absolutely AWESOME."

"Green beauty boutiques seem to be on the rise but they haven't hit every corner yet. Fortunately for those without one in your neighborhood, you can find an online eco-chic beauty boutique called Green 4 Your Soul.
We loved the Pink Guava Pomogrante Shea Body Butter that is made from 40% organic shea butter. The smell was so sweet, we wanted to eat it. With our recent change of weather, it's perfect for moisturizing dry hands and feet."

Listen to the founder and owner of Green 4 Your Soul, Christin Sheehe on the Hollis Chapman Show. Christin will discuss what inspired her to found Green 4 Your Soul and what she's doing to make going green easier for you. She'll give you tips on simple ways to green your life and talk about the hazardous chemicals you should avoid in commercial beauty products.
Click on the play button to listen.

"Finding green products for the entire family, pets included, can be a challenge. When you shop at Green For Your Soul you'll find everything in on place and you can trust that the products are free from harmful chemicals.
I got to try out the Noli n Nali Tropical Goddess Body Butter. I constantly suffer from dry skin, especially in the winter and this amazing concoction of mango, cocoa butters, and organic shea tackled it in no time..."

"If you're worried about your air quality, consider switching to 100% natural soy candles like those from Green 4 Your Soul. Their line of candles are scented with pure essential oils and use cotton lead-free wicks.
The 8 oz candles burn for about 40-50 hours and come in fragrances like lavender, sweet orange vanilla, cranberry fig..."

"Proving once again that green beauty can please on so many levels, 100% Pure's Naked Berry Lip Pencil gives us a creamy lip pencil, in gorgeous shades excentuating the lips with pure fruit pigments and none of the stuff that leaves us asking, "I put what on my mouth?""

"We've been living in our new home for almost a year, but we have only had a functional bath tub as of yesterday! This explains why it took so long to review Green 4 Your Soul's 100% Natural Bubble Bath, but it didn't diminish the excitement my boys had when getting their first bath in our new tub!..."

"Attention all chocolate lovers! 100% Pure Organic Kids Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Bubble Bath creates mountains of lusciously scented Mint Chocolate Chip Bubbles. This refreshing, richly foaming bubble bath is made with real Organic Cocoa and Chocolate. 100% Pure Organic Kids Mint Chocolate Chip Bubble Bath is SLS, Paraben, Synthetic Chemical and Fragrance Free..."

"The trend toward 'green' beauty is fast and furious. It's happening so rapidly that many feel that all beauty brands will eventually be green in some way. But how do we make sense of all the terms, the certifications and the labels? I've been in the beauty biz my entire adult life and found it all really confusing. So, I set out to educate myself and, in turn, you."

"Finally, my green favorite, 100% Pure, is adding their two cents to the mix. They're offering creamy, long lasting lip pencils, as well as long lasting bright pot rouges. The lip pencils are more substantial than a stain, and lighter than a lipstick. The pot rouges (which look fabulous on the lips as well) really impart the "stain" effect and are super clean."

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